Volume 29 Issue 5 - Publication Date: April 2010

Reliable External Actuation for Full Reachability in Robotic Modular Self-reconfiguration

P.J. White and M. Yim

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2010 29: 598-612

Downloadable Files

The simulation of a hex nut reconfiguring to a wrench - Extension 1.zip (6.1 mb)
A slow motion double pendulum reconfiguration - Extension 2.zip (8.2 mb)
An XBot reconfiguring four times about the table fixed module - Extension 3.zip (1.2 mb)
The three basic types of reconfiguration motion primitives - Extension 4.zip (3.8 mb)
The reconfiguration of a ā€œUā€ shape to a ā€œPā€ shape - Extension 5.zip (7.9 mb)
A release double pendulum reconfiguration - Extension 6.zip (3.1 mb)

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