Volume 29 Issue 2-3 - Publication Date: February/March 2010

Vision-guided Robot System for Picking Objects by Casting Shadows

Amit Agrawal, Yu Sun, John Barnwell and Ramesh Raskar

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2010 29: 155–173

Downloadable Files

Robot picking two brass hooks - extension1.divx (3.4 mb)
Robot picking two specular pipes - extension2.divx (11.4 mb)
Camera with Flashes - extension3.divx (8 mb)
Fine pose refinement for brass hook - extension4.divx (1.1 mb)
Fine pose refinement for specular pipe - extension5.divx (1.1 mb)
Camera viewpoint non-parallel to background and object with holes - extension6.divx (1.2 mb)
Correct pose recovery in case of ambiguity - extension7.divx (7.6 mb)

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