Volume 29 Issue 2-3 - Publication Date: February/March 2010

Real-time Quadrifocal Visual Odometry

A. I. Comport, E. Malis and P. Rives

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2010 29: 245–266

Downloadable Files

A video showing the estimated trajectory overlaid in blue on a satellite image from Google Earth for the Versailles roundabout sequence. The input stereo images are also overlaid on the video sequence. - extension1.zip (12.4 mb)
A video showing the warped current images (for a given reference image), the weights that were computed and the input stereo images used in the estimation of the trajectory. This data is also from the Versailles roundabout sequence. One can see that the reference images are held for a certain duration and then updated according to the robust statistical measures of the error standard deviation and the mean. - extension2.zip (17.4 mb)

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