Volume 30 Issue 7 - Publication Date: June 2011

Electro-osmotic propulsion of helical nanobelt swimmers

Gilgueng Hwang, Rémy Braive, Laurent Couraud, Antonella Cavanna, Ouerghi Abdelkarim, Isabelle Robert-Philip, Alexios Beveratos, Isabelle Sagnes, Sinan Haliyo and Stéphane Régnier

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2011 30: 806–819

Downloadable Files

Motions of HNBs with hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces (1.84 mb)
A non-tethered HNB steers according to the field gradient (812 kb)
Jellyfish-like swimming propulsion revealed by high-speed camera (1.30 mb)
Passive rotation of HNB during the swimming propulsion by direct pulling (1.10 mb)
Oscillation motion of HNB by external AC electric field (1.88 mb)
Swarm-like swimming behavior of motile HNBs (925 kb)
Light-driven actuation of HNBs (2.46 mb)

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