Volume 30 Issue 14 - Publication Date: December 2011

Assembly and disassembly of magnetic mobile micro-robots towards deterministic 2-D reconfigurable micro-systems

Eric Diller, Chytra Pawashe2, Steven Floyd, and Metin Sitti

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2011 30: 1667–1680

Downloadable Files

Mag-μMod demonstration video,including assembly, reconfiguring and disassembly tasks, corresponding to Figures 3 and 22 (6.14 mb)
Video of assembly and planar and layered disassembly experiments, corresponding to Figures 15, 18 and 20, respectively (9.23 mb)
Experimental data for adhesion, friction, assembly and disassembly experiments. Includes measured field strength and field gradient (76 kb)

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