Volume 31 Issue 3 - Publication Date: March 2012

Continuous wave peristaltic motion in a robot

Alexander S Boxerbaum, Kendrick M Shaw, Hillel J Chiel and Roger D Quinn

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2012 31: 302–318

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‘Simulations of a Segmented MeshRobot’ Three different deformation waveformsare used on a simulated robot with 12 segments. While the theoretical strain isthe same for all waveforms, the resultant speeds vary. A single-wave six segmented simulation cannot get over a small obstacle due to the segmentation. (23.8 mb)
‘Two Soft Worm-like Robots’ Trials of two prototype worm-like robots are shown. The first prototype moved forward but had trouble maintaining its shape. The second prototype keeps its shape, generates smooth waves and moves forward at 4 m/min. (33.1 mb)

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