Volume 32 Issue 2 - Publication Date: February 2013

Visual navigation of a mobile robot with laser-based collision avoidance

Andrea Cherubini and François Chaumette

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2013 32: 189–205

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Simulations of our navigation scheme in six different scenarios. In this and the following two videos, the segments linking the current and next key image points are drawn in light green in the current image. In the occupancy grid, the dangerous cell sets associated with the visual task tentacle and to the best tentacle (when different) are respectively shown in red and blue, and two black segments indicate the scanner amplitude. Only cells that can activate H (i.e. cells at distance Δ < Δs) have been drawn. (9.76 mb)
Experiments on our campus.(36.9 mb)
Extensive validation in the city centre of Clermont Ferrand. (26.3 mb)

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