Volume 32 Issue 9-10 - Publication Date: August/September 2013

Dynamic walking and whole-body motion planning for humanoid robots: an integrated approach

Sébastien Dalibard, Antonio El Khoury, Florent Lamiraux, Alireza Nakhaei, Michel Taïx and Jean-Paul Laumond

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2013 32: 1089–1103

Downloadable Files

Example of a constrained motion planning result executed on HRP-2 (4.27 mb)
Chairs scenario: solution of whole-body planning executed on HRP-2 (7.44 mb)
Shelf scenario: solution of whole-body planning executed in simulation and on HRP-2 (8.9 mb)
Raw sliding motion planning benchmark results for chairs, floating objects and shelf scenarios (5.36 kb)

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