Volume 32 Issue 8 - Publication Date: July 2013

Towards dynamic trot gait locomotion: Design, control, and experiments with Cheetah-cub, a compliant quadruped robot

Alexander Spröwitz, Alexandre Tuleu, Massimo Vespignani, Mostafa Ajallooeian, Emilie Badri and Auke Jan Ijspeert

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2013 32: 932–950

Downloadable Files

Hallway run (12 mb)
Trot gait with SLP legs (v̅ = 1.15ms-1). Trot gait with ASLP legs (v̅ = 1.25ms-1) Webots simulation - trot gait f = 3s-1) (21 mb)
Successful step-down experiment(20% leg length). Successful step-down experiment (12% leg length). Unsuccessful step-down experiment (20% leg length) (420.7)

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